Seems my profile is claimed, but not by me - How to claim a profile claimed by other users

Sometimes you may find that you have profiles that appear marked as Claimed but that you have no access to. This is possible as other users may have previously claimed those profiles.
First, try to check if there is some other account in your business that you may have forgotten about that has access to the claimed businesses. Maybe an agency used to manage your account and has those to a different login? Or maybe some other worker or franchisee decided to claim their own location? If that is the case, you don't need to claim the location again, you can request the details of the credential from your colleague and add it as the credential for that profile under Settings > Credentials and then select it to be used in the next publication. You can check our article on adding credentials if you need more help doing this.
However, if it seems like you don't have a credential to manage the profile, or if you just want to re-claim under your own credentials, check the instructions for the platform you're targeting: