Creating accounts on the platforms

    To properly manage the presence of your business and your online locations, you need to have an account on the main platforms where your clients look for companies like yours. 

    Here you have how to create the accounts on the most important platforms:


    You need to have two kinds of accounts:

  1. User Account: to create a user account at Yelp, you only need to go to

2. Business Account: 

  • Go to
  • Search one of your locations and click on 'Claim this business'. 
  • After that, you need to be in contact with your location because the Yelp team will call you directly to this location in order to know if you are the real owner.
  • Yelp Team will ask you on this call for a code that you will see on your screen while you are doing the claiming. You only need to tell them this code and the biz account will be created. 


You need to activate Facebook Locations Page. 

On Facebook, you have the option to activate a page of locations associated with your home page (in the menu, there is a tab of Locations, where you can see all your locations on a map and enter individually in each of them). 

In case you are interested, you can request it here:


To create a business account, please sign in to Google My Business. Here you can find the steps: .

After creating the account, you need to have your Google My Business Account verified. To obtain the verification, please, have a look this article:


To create a new account on Foursquare, please, go to


To create a new account on TripAdvisor, please, go to

*Remember that after creating these accounts, you need to add your credentials (user and password) to Localistico. Without credentials we can't publish your information.