Adding Platforms Credentials

Localistico uses your own credentials to publish changes on your profiles either create the new ones. That way you can keep all changes under your own accounts and even reuse across tools if you need to (eg: all your Locations will be available under your social posting tool, like Hootsuite or Buffer)

If you already have platform accounts created, you just need to add the credentials to Localistico on the Settings tab by clicking on each platform.

For all of them, you must add the user/password credentials and, for those that we give you the option, also the ones of  Oauth Type. By default, Localistico will try to use the OAuth credentials first, if the platform allows.

Some platforms (like Factual) won't require you to have credentials to post. For those, you'll simply need to make sure the platform is enabled.

If you don't have existing credentials on a given platform that needs them, you will need to create those first. Localistico can't create credentials for you, as otherwise, you won't have a direct relationship with the platform. 

For instructions on how to create a new credential/account on each platform, please check the related articles on our help site.