Tips about Reviews

Knowing and managing your online reputation is very important to keep growing in your business. In our 'Interactions Tab' you can see the reviews that your clients write about your locations and know what score they give you to each place. 

To know how to get the most out of this information, we leave you some tips:

  • Answer the reviews: It is advisable to convey closeness to customers. This is accomplished by responding to the reviews. We advise you to start responding to negative reviews trying to resolve potential conflicts. Once these are completed, you can go on to respond to the positive reviews to thank the customers for their support. 

  • How to answer negative reviews: Click here to see some tips on how to answer correctly negatives reviews.
  • Pay attention to the number of reviews that each place has:  It is important that you know which of your locals have more activity. So, you can better decide what marketing campaigns to perform and in which establishments, depending on the objective.

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