Tips about your Business Settings

We will recommend you to complete all Business Settings data at the beginning, to have the best experience using Localistico. You can find them all in the sections under the Settings tab.
  • Upload your logo: 
    • Preferably use your business logo as the main image for your business, to help your clients to recognize you. This business profile photo can be uploaded once in the business settings will be reused in all locations unless you specify otherwise.
    • If you don't have a business logo, try taking a photo of your venue that shows your name, like a poster or the entrance letterhead.
  • Select the correct categories: 
    • Add the one that defines your business as the first category (some platforms apply more relevance to this first one, so the order matters!). 
    • However, don't forget to also add the alternatives categories for each platform. Remember that categories can be applied at the business level in 'Settings' or by local editing each location.
    • Even if they sound redundant (eg: "Vegan Restaurant" and "Restaurant" or "Cafe" and "Coffee shop") it will generally help your relevancy to have categories explicitly published. Some platforms allow 3 or more categories so feel free to choose the ones that you think suit you better, whether generic or specific.
  • Activate notifications: 
    • Activating your notifications on the settings tab will send you periodic emails, to keep you informed of the changes and reviews in your profiles. Be always on top of everything!
  • Add your platforms credentials: 
    • Without credentials, Localistico may not be able to publish your changes. Add the credentials in the Settings tab by clicking on 'Add credential'. 
    • For some platforms, there are alternatives to add user/pass or Oauth - fill in both where required.

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