Claiming profiles unclaimed on Facebook

You need to activate Facebook Locations Page to have all your locations on your account. 

On Facebook, you have the option to activate a page of locations associated with your home page (in the menu, there is a tab of Locations, where you can see all your locations on a map and enter individually in each of them). 

In case you are interested and ,don't have it active already, you can request Locations access here:

Also, you may have other pages listed under your Profiles tab in Localistico that are not Location pages. These are "unofficial pages" and may have been created by users or other third-party data. 

To claim this kind of page follows these steps:

1. Find the page and click on 'Is this your business?'

- Select the option 'Claim and Verify':

- Choose between verify by telephone or verify sending official docs:

- After that, pay attention to your email because you will receive Facebook news in a couple of days :)