Claiming your profiles - why is it a good idea?

Profiles are the online presence that each of your physical locations has on local platforms. You may have noticed when checking your Profiles tab or on each of the Profiles linked in a given Location that we may have found instances where the green label "Claimed" is not appearing next to a given profile, like in the Foursquare profile in this capture:

By claiming the profiles, you can get better control of your own information. Some platforms allow all users can edit your information and, perhaps, write incorrect data, such as a wrong address or phone number - which can result in annoyed or lost customers. Also, platforms tend to give you extra information for your claimed profiles, such as allowing you to manage reviews and other analytics.

Remember, on most platforms, you must have an account to be able to claim the profiles.

In conclusion, claiming your profiles helps you better control and manage your presence and online reputation, improve and correct the possible issues created by other users and get extra information for the platforms. Check the rest of our help articles for more details on how to make sure your profiles are claimed on each platform.