How many pictures should I upload?

Business Photos are great visual tools that help the user to find and recognize your business, as well as make you more visible! Some stats say that even a single photo can more than double the number of interactions customers have with your profiles.
We recommend that you, at least, upload 2 photos: a logo (which can be shared across the business) and an exterior photo for each location.
If you manage multiple locations, the logo can be uploaded to the business Settings and it would be used in all locations by default.

As for the exterior photo, it is advisable to upload a photo of the exterior of each location. This not only gives you more visually attractive but also helps customers when trying to find your establishment.

Other photos are always useful (particularly interior and menu/service sheet photos) but are left for you as an option. Please note not all platforms support all photo types so maybe that only some of them are uploaded for publication.