How to read Facebook metrics?

How to read correctly the Facebook metrics.

You can find the metrics page under Analytics tab on Localistico. On this page you can see how many views, likes and reviews your locations have received, in how many searches your location has appeared and how many clicks your profiles have received on the website, calls and direction -button. 

In order to see only Facebook metrics, select the Facebook logo on the left corner and leave Google unselected. The metrics that are only available for Google will appear as N/A. 

Localistico extracts this information from your Facebook account. Having the ownership of the profile and the Facebook credentials added to Localistico is mandatory in order to extract the data. If you don't know how to add the Facebook credentials to Localistico, please have a look at the related article

In this article is explained how Facebook calculates the metrics so that you can read them correctly in Localistico.

Facebook page impression

Total number of times that Facebook content related to your business appeared on the Facebook user's screen. This number includes searches, posts, stories, check ins, ads and social information from people who interact with your page.

Facebook page views

Total number of times your Facebook page has been viewed.

Photo views

Total number of times customers viewed the photos of your location.

Clicks to get directions

This number indicates how many times a Facebook user requested the directions to your location from your Facebook page. 

Clicks to website

This number indicates how many times the website on your business page was clicked.

Clicks to call

This number shows how many times Facebook users clicked the phone number on your Facebook business page.


This section shows how many reviews in total your customers have left on your Facebook pages. 


The number of times a customer has visited one of your physical venues and checked in, to that venue's Facebook page.



The total number of times customers have liked your business page on Facebook. Please note that this number doesn't include the post likes.