How to read Google metrics?

How Google calculates the metrics and how to read them correctly.

You can find the metrics page under Analytics tab on Localistico. On this page you can see how many views your location has received, in how many searches your location has appeared and how many clicks your profiles have received on the website, calls and direction -button. 

In order to see only Google metrics, select the Google logo and leave the Facebook logo unselected. The metrics that exist only on Facebook will appear as N/A. 

Localistico extracts this information from your Google My Business account. Having the ownership of the profile and the Google credentials added to Localistico is mandatory. If you don't know how to add the Google credentials to Localistico, please have a look at the related article

In this article is explained how Google calculates the metrics so that you can read them correctly in Localistico.


Views, or impressions, are divided in Localistico in three sections: views in Google Maps, views in Google Search and views in Photos. Each of the numbers tells you how many times your business has been seen on either of the platforms during the given period. 

Views might be results of searches, but previous search is not necessary. Your customer might be just clicking around the Web and your profile appears, this is calculated as a view but not as a search. Also, if your customer first sees your profile on Google Search but clicks on the Map's icon to see your profile on Google Maps, this is calculated as one view on Google Search and one view on Google Maps. If the customer still clicks on the photos-section on Google and sees the photos associated with the profile, this will be calculated as photo view

Total number of the views includes all the views on Map, Search and photos.


The total number of searches has been divided into direct search, discoveries and branded searches in Localistico.

Direct search means that a user is searching your business on Google by using your business name or address. If your profile or several profiles appear in this search, each of them is calculated as one direct search. 

Discovery means searches that are made with keywords such as marketing agency near me  or Italian restaurants London. The profiles that appear in these searches are discoveries. These search results are the valuable ones as they help you to reach new potential customers. If the number that your profile has been discovered is low, please review your categories, venue information and keywords that appear in your business profiles. Each profile that appears in discovery searches will be calculated as an individual discovery.

Branded search means when customers searched for your brand or a brand related to your business.


Actions are divided in clicks to call, clicks to direction and click to website. For example, every time a user clicks on "call" on a Google profile, it's registered as one click. 

Google calculates that 76% of people that click on calls and get directions visit the store in the next 24 hours. 25% of the people, as an average, who visit a store, make a purchase. If you know what your conversion rate is for your stores and your average basket value, we can provide a model for the revenue that you’re driving from local searches.


Under engagement, we show how many reviews your customers have left for your business and how many photos they have uploaded for your profiles during a given period. 

Please have a look at how this article to find out more on the metrics.