How to solve Facebook failed publications?

We have collected the most common publications errors for Facebook and the possible solutions.

Sometimes you may notice that your profile in the platform is not updated with the same information that you have in Localistico. This might happen because of the failed publication. That means that when Localistico has tried to publish your information to the platforms but an error appeared, and Localistico wasn't able to publish the information.

Most failed publications are caused because the location data that is set in Localistico is not following the platform specific requirements. All platforms want to have certain business information in a specific format. The failed publications notify you when something needs to be changed. It's important to fix the failed publications as they are blocking Localistico from updating the data in the platforms.

This article explains how to fix the most common Facebook failed publications. You can recognize the failed publication from this icon marked in the screenshot below:

By clicking on the failed publication icon, Localistico displays the error message that indicates why the profile failed to publish on Google. 

All failed Google profiles can be found by filtering Presence > Profiles > Linked >Failed Publications >Facebook:

Invalid parameter

Please pay attention to the city/postal town/locality. Facebook displays this message when the city-field contains information that is not following their format.

Add the actual city in this field, don't add the name of the neighbourhood, district or part of the city. For example, if your venue is located in Notting Hill, London. Add London in the city field, not Notting Hill. You can add the name of the neighbourhood or the district in the street address second-line.

Also, add the name of the city in English or the local dialect as otherwise Facebook might mix it up with another city. For example, instead of Sevilla, add Seville or instead of La Coruña, add A Coruña. 


(#371) Your Page's latitude/longitude coordinates aren't consistent with the city that it's in. Ex: (Coordinates (37.402879369, -5.989974) are too far from the center of city Sevilla La Nueva, Madrid, Spain which is at (40.3477, -4.02827))

Review first your coordinates and check that they are really in the correct city. If you are sure, that the coordinates are correct, check that the city is written in English. Facebook normally locates the city better when it's in English or the local dialect. For example, instead of adding Sevilla in the locality field, add Seville or instead of La Coruña, add A Coruña.  

Also, always add the city, not the neighbourhood or some part of the city. For example, if your venue is located in Notting Hill, London. Add London in the city field, don't add Notting Hill. You can add the name of the neighbourhood or the district in the street address (or when displayed neighbourhood) -line.

(#371) You don't have permission to make the requested change.

Please review your role and permissions on Facebook. In order to publish and make changes in the profiles on Facebook, the user who connects Facebook with Localistico has to have administrator rights on Facebook. In order to solve the issue, modify the Facebook permissions of the user who connected Localistico with Facebook or add the credentials again with a user who already has admin rights on your Facebook business manager. 

(#240) Illegal User not permitted

Try to publish again. If the error still appears in a couple of days, please contact

(#371) A ZIP code is required for this country.

Please add a postcode to your venue address if you see this message. If you don't know what's the correct postcode, click on suggest an address. 

Select the suggestion, click on save and publish the location.

(#371) Your Page's phone number is missing or invalid. If the number has an extension, add 'x' before it. For example: 020 444 444 x4445

In order to publish on Facebook, it's mandatory to have a phone number added on Localistico for each venue. Please review the phone number or add one if this message is being displayed. 

An unknown error has occurred.

Try to publish again. If the error still appears in a couple of days, please contact

Wrong number of arguments (given 0, expected 1)

Try to publish again. If the error still appears in a couple of days, please contact

(#371) You can't select more than three categories.

Facebook allows adding up to 3 business categories for your profiles. Please remove the extra categories from your venue or business settings and publish again. 

You can modify the categories for one specific venue under the venue setting: 

Or under business settings for all your venues: 

Please remember that categories set on the venue lever override the categories set on the business level.

(#371) The combination of city/state/country for your Page could not be identified.

This message appears when the city and the region don't match with each other or with the country. Please check that you have set the correct country for your location. If you have mistaken about the country, please, delete the venue and create a new one. You can delete a venue from here:

Please note that deleting a venue doesn't delete the profiles on the platforms. 

If you are sure that the country is correct, please click on "suggest address". This will generate the address suggestions based on the coordinates. Please, click on each suggestion that you would like to use in your address:

Remind always click on save and publish the locations to publish the changes to the platforms.

(#371) This location is a duplicate of an existing location. Ex: (This location can't be added because the Localistico location at Carrer de Joan XXIII, already has a Page.) This store number is already used for another location.

Facebook detects that you are trying to create a duplicated location that has either:

  1. Same location id
    Review directly on Facebook if you already have a location with the same id that is closed permanently. If you have one, please reopen it from Facebook.
  2. The same coordinates and/or address
    Some businesses might have two locations inside the same shopping centre. Please make sure that they are not the same. It's very important to be careful with the locations located close to each other as platforms tend to mark them as duplicates very easily. Specify very clearly where the shop is located and make sure that both address and the coordinates are different from another location located in the same shopping centre.
If Facebook has incorrectly marked your profiles as duplicates, please contact to their support team from here