The way of working with Apple Maps

How Apple Maps allows updating information on the platform?

Apple Maps implementation approach is based on partners delivering daily file feeds. Apple does not take one data source as the ‘single source of truth’ but will instead take the information from all partners and sources and will determine which information should be published to Apple Maps based on their accuracy criteria. This means that the data sent from Localistico is not guaranteed to be the data that Apple Maps publishes.

The data we send to Apple Maps is: venue internal id, venue opening state, name, full address (street address, state or province, locality, postal code, country code), coordinates, website, social media urls (urls from other platforms), hours / special hours and categories. Only venues with full information (please check the fields we’re sending above,) and without warnings are published. We also must ensure that the Apple Maps platform is enabled for your account.

Apple Maps do not require credentials to be connected in Localistico as they are not required for the daily file feed integration.

If you think there are inconsistencies in the data shown in Apple Maps, then please raise a ticket to our support team - We can then run an investigation and escalate to the Apple Maps partner support team on your behalf.