Brand name vs Venue name

If the business has a brand name activated, Localistico will publish that on the platform instead of the venue name.

In Localistico businesses are able to set the venue name for their locations. The venue name can be an individual name for your location, or it can be the same for all of them, depending on your business configuration. Business name can be set for your locations from here:

However, some businesses might for internal management have different venue names for their locations, but they want to publish the same name for all their locations in Google. In this kind of situation they can activate the brand name for Google or all the platforms. Brand name can be set up under the Business info:

The brand name overrides the venue name on the selected platforms. Click on the pen-icon to set the brand name and select the platforms on which you would like to publish the brand name:

Now we would publish the name "Localistico" in Google and "Localistico Madrid" on the rest of the platforms:

We recommend the chain businesses using the brand name at least in Google.