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Can my business benefit from Localistico?

Localistico is the leading local marketing and analytics platform for brick-and-mortar businesses worldwide. Our tool is designed to drive more traffic to your physical locations from people that are doing a search online but will buy offline.

This includes businesses such as retailers, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, gyms, real estate agents or banks. Basically, any business where people can search online, but end up in a transaction offline, or where people search geographically.

The quick question to determine this is: "will some of your clients use a map (or a location/geography name) when they're looking for your services?".

If your business is purely e-commerce, where both searches and transactions are 100% online, we may be less useful to you.

Locallistico is useful both for smaller businesses with 1-2 locations, particularly if they get lots of reviews/interactions, or for bigger businesses with thousands of locations. 

In particular, we add a lot of value if you are a business that has to manage a large number of locations or a marketing agency that manages several clients at the same time, where in-house management is even more complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

This is what we can do for you:

Help your customers to find you by keeping your data updated across the platforms.

Customers lose confidence if your digital presence shows incorrect information, such as opening hours, negatively impacting your brand.

However, maintaining up-to-date profiles, holiday opening times, promotions, new store openings, and attractive pictures, for all stores across all major digital platforms is a tough job. We have simplified the process of keeping your information updated across the platforms.

 Localistico also finds and tracks existing profiles for each location, either official or user-created ones, to avoid duplication. This keeps your online presence clean and clear!

Localistico can also help you to generate SEO optimised store pages based on location data for your own website or landing pages for digital campaigns.

We help you to analyse what your customer think and what they do by tracking customer activity and location engagement across multiple platforms. From Localistico you can respond and reply to your clients questions and reviews that come from your profiles across multiple platforms from one single place. 

Localistico gathers metrics and analytics across several platforms, across all your locations, in one place. Analyse the customer actions and take data driven decisions.

We make sure customers find you, analyse what they do, and help you to take marketing actions by running and maintaining geo-targeted ad campaigns across multiple locations. Localistico automates geo-targeted campaigns to drive local awareness and capture high intent local customers.