Claiming unmanaged profiles on Facebook

How I can claim unclaimed Facebook profile?

Profiles are an online representation of each of your physical locations. They provide your customers with information about the location, opening hours, and available products/services. By claiming profiles, you are taking control of your company's online information. Claiming the profiles allows you to update the information (including the address and phone number) and prevents incorrect data from being circulated. By claiming profiles, you will also be able to manage reviews and have access to valuable analytics. 
You can find unclaimed Facebook profiles from profiles tab by filtering unclaimed Facebook profiles:

How can I claim profiles that are not managed on Facebook?

1. Follow the link from Localistico to the profile on Facebook

2. Click on Is this your business?
3. Facebook will give you two options: 
  • Merge the profile with an existing profile. Select this option if the profile is a duplicate. 
  • Claim the profile. Keep in mind that Facebook may require some official documents to prove your affiliation with the business.