Google reverification

What does it mean and when Google might ask reverify a profile? How to solve the situation?

Recently Google started to ask to verify profiles again that were previously verified. Those profiles had normally experienced some major changes in their profile information. Currently, Google does not provide a list of the changes that may trigger the reverification so it's impossible to predict. However, we have detected that Google might ask to verify your profiles again if you change your primary category or make important changes to your address.

Q: What is re-verification?

A: Reverification is a status on Google My Business that prevents you to update the information on Google Map or Google search before verifying your profile again. You may still modify the information on Google My Business, but it just won't be published on any other place until the profile has been reverified. You can recognise the profile that needs to be reverified from this sign:

Why Google require to reverify profiles?

A: Google asks to reverify the profiles when it detects major changes in the profiles to verify that the new data is correct. Sometimes the profile might be asked to be reverified as it includes incorrect information.

When my profiles might be asked to be reverified?

A: Any major change might trigger the reverification. However, we have detected that big changes in the address or the change of the primary category might cause the profiles to be asked to be reverified.

Q: How to reverify a profile?

A: If the profile asks to be reverified, the only solution is to reverify it by selecting one of the options that Google provides. In order to know how to reverify your profile, please follow these steps:

1. Click on reverify now

2. Correct the incorrect information if you see this page:

3. And choose a way to verify your profile. Normally Google only allows to reverify your profile by requesting the postcard:

The post card will be sent to the new direction of the store. Once the store receives the post card with the verification code they must insert it in Google My Business and the profile get verified, and new updates will appear in Google.