Why should I reply to my reviews?

How to reply to a positive or a negative review? Why it is important?

Managing your online reputation is very important to keep growing in your business. In our Reputation Tab, you can see the reviews that your clients write about your locations and what rating they give. This helps you to make more data driven decisions.

It is advisable to convey closeness to customers. This is accomplished by responding to the reviews. We advise you to start responding to negative reviews, trying to resolve potential conflicts. Once these are completed, you can go on and start responding to the positive reviews to thank the customers for their support. 

How to reply to positive reviews?

  • Be polite and personal.
  • Thank you for the review and the support.
  • Don't sell more.
  • Keep it short.

How to reply to negative reviews?

  • Be polite and try to figure out the reason for the bad review.
  • Apologies when the client has the reason.
  • Try to get in touch with the client in order to change the experience. Bad reviews cannot be deleted, but you can try to turn the negative experience into a good one.
  • Show how you are going to fix the possible error.
  • Don't get mad or attack the person who left the review.

For further tips, have a look at the Google article.