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How to add UTM parameters to your post campaigns?

Track the clicks on your action buttons.

UTM are parameters that help you to understand where your traffic is coming from. Those parameters can be used to track on Google Analytics, for example, the website links but also clicks to the Google post action buttons. You can read more about UTM parameters and setting up your own Google Analytics from here

If you would like to add UTMs on your Google Post action links, that can be done as explained below:

  1. Decide if you will use a different landing page on each post, or is the landing page the same?
    1. If the landing page is the same, you can just post the landing page and the UTMs directly on the action button link field in Localistico:
    2. If the landing page is going to change per post because the post campaign is using the store specific store page, make sure that this is set as the venue website and select the placeholder "website" and include the parameters after:


When including the placeholders the users must pay attention to the resulting URL created after the placeholder is substituted, otherwise, the URL format may be altered and platforms like Google Analytics might stop reading the UTMs. 

Remember, query parameters in a URL must start with ? and be separate by &. Meanwhile, several & are valid, only one ? is accepted, and it must be at the beginning of the parameter list.

For instance, for a venue is: www.localistico.com?tienda=madrid, the text used in the action button link should be: 

In the examples, we are using promo_utm and promo_code as UTMs. Please, remember you can use any UTM of your liking, and you’re not restricted to only these.
Learn how to set your UTM’s here.

✨ Pro tip ✨

Users may want to use venue ID, region, postcode, etc to track what was the venue/region where the click was launched and then greatly improve the segmentation power in Google Analytics. An example:

We recommend checking the correct links before posting a post with your Google Analytics expert.