How to export my Locations?

Export all your locations data it is possible from Localistico

Sometimes you need your own data exported to other tools, whether for checking data, to create custom reports or to circulate the data within your team. For that, we allow data exporting from the Locations tab.

To export your location data, navigate to the Locations tab and click on Export Venues.

Select the format and click on Export.


Localistico offers several formats, depending on the purpose:

  • Use the Localistico CSV format when you need to edit data, and then import the changes again into Localistico.
  • Use Localistico JSON if you're creating a file to be used from a web application or JavaScript program
  • Use Localistico XLS if you will modify the locations with Excel 
  • We also export in some other platform-native formats. These are for advanced users, so there's no need to use them if you don't have to.
  • Facebook, Yelp and Factual are to be used for the respective platform importers
  • Carto/GeoJSON allows direct import in GIS tools like Carto, Mapbox or ESRI ArcGIS