How to manage duplicates profiles on Google?

Cleaning your presence in Google Maps

At the moment, it is not possible to delete the duplicated profile in Google even if you are the owner of the official and the duplicated profile. However, there are a couple of things you can do to get them merged.

1. Claim all the duplicated profiles

If you are the owner of the duplicated profile, we send the same information to the duplicated profile as the favourite profile has. According to Google's policy, the duplicated profile should have the same name, address and categories. If we publish the same information to the duplicated profile, Google should merge it automatically. 

2. Suggest edits in Google Maps

If for some reason, you cannot claim the duplicated profile, you can try to suggest edits on Google Maps. Find the duplicate profile on maps and click on Suggest an edit.

Click on Remove this place.

Select the reason for removal Duplicated of another place and click on send.

We advise you to take screenshots of all the profiles to check afterwards that the merger has been carried out correctly.
There is no resolution period established by Google, so you should wait until the duplicate profiles disappear.
If the merger is correct, the duplicate profiles will disappear and you will retain the main profile with the reviews that you had plus the reviews that the duplicate profile had. Remember that Google only merges profiles by suggestion if they are named in a same way and the duplicated profile is not claimed by anyone.

3. Contact Google Support

If the profiles don't get merged you can report the duplicates directly to Google Support by filling in this request