How to publish posts to Instagram?

How to create, schedule and publish Instagram posts from Localistico.

Localistico allows at the moment to create, schedule and publish posts that get published both Facebook and Instagram from the campaigns tab. Posts can be launched for all the venues, a group of venues, or just for one store. Managing posts from Localistico allows you to create more targeted campaigns for your Facebook and Instagram fans locally as you may now allow the shop managers, for example, to create their own posts for the stores they manage without giving them access to your business' Facebook and Instagram account. 

In order to create a campaign, navigate to the Promotions tab and open Posts. Click on +New post campaign to create your first Facebook & Instagram post:

In the future, there will be an option to create Instagram stand-alone posts from Localistico.

The next step is to set the publication date. If you leave this empty, the campaign publishes when you click on the "publish post campaign". Then select the venues you would like to include to your post campaign and add the content. You may select the venues by selecting them individually or by adding tags. You may find more information about tags from this article

Once the campaign is ready, click on Publish Post Campaign -button. If you set the publication date, the post will be published on the set date. In case you left the date empty, this will trigger the publication.

Please note that if you publish 900 Facebook & Instagram posts, it might take a couple of hours for all of them to be published from the scheduled time.

If you are interested in including Instagram posts in your subscription plan, please contact your customer success manager.