How to respond to Google questions from Localistico?

This article explains what is Q&A feature in Google and how you can manage it from Localistico.

Q&A is a Google functionality that allows your clients to ask questions and you or other users can reply to them. Localistico automatically extracts the questions from the profiles owned by you and the replies that other users have left so that you have the whole conversation in one place. You can find the Q&A section under the Reputation tab.

It’s possible to filter the questions by date, by venue and by the fact if they have been replied by the owner or not. Click on the little house-icon to group the questions by location. This way, you can easily see if some locations are receiving more questions than the others.

Questions can be replied by clicking on the little arrow and then typing the answer. Click on the reply-button when you have finished typing and want to publish the answer in Google. 

Please note that Google does not allow information such as a URL, phone number or email address to be included in the response. The response must be no longer than 4000 characters.

If you accidentally sent a reply that wasn’t correct, you can, later on, delete the reply by clicking on the bin-icon:

It’s not possible to delete questions or the replies left by other users. In a case of inappropriate question or reply, please contact with the platform as instructed in this article

Other users can vote for the reply that has been given by you or the others by clicking on the thumb-icon:

By clicking on the three buttons (see the screenshot below) you get the option to:

  • Translate the question
  • Share it with your team
  • Reply to it 
  • View the profile in Google