How to set highlighted keywords and how to use them?

Highlighted keywords are designed to help you detect specified words from your client reviews in order to interact fast.

In Localistico you can create highlighted keywords. They work as a custom filter on reviews page that helps you to detect faster if some specific word appears in any of your customer reviews. For example, restaurants typically use highlighted keywords such as "dirty" to detect quickly if some customer is complaining about the dirty toilets, dining room or kitchen. This helps them to react fast and solve the situation. Highlighted keywords are made for internal use and won't be published on the platforms.

You can set up as many highlighted keywords as you wish. They can be created under Advanced Settings>Reputation Settings>Highlighted keywords:

Click on the edit-icon in the highlighted keywords -section in order to add and modify the keywords:

Write in the box the keywords you would like to highlight in your customer reviews and save. If you set multiple keywords, please separate them with a comma:

You may now use the highlighted keywords filter on your reviews tab. By clicking on the filter, Localistico filters the reviews that include any of the set keywords:

The reviews that include any highlighted keywords will show them with a yellow highlight: