How to structure your businesses in Localistico?

In this article, you can find the different ways you can structure your account and business setup in Localistico.

Quick glossary: 

Account: Parent company or organisation 

Business: A unit in Localistico that represents a single brand (option A) or multiple brands combined (option B)

Venue: A physical location like a store 

Profile: A physical location’s listing on a platform, such as Google

Platform: Google, Facebook etc.

Credential: Connection between Localistico and a platform

Option A; 

In the first example, we have created one business per brand (a business is defined as an entity that has one or more physical locations which share the same features such as brand name, business categories and logos). Under each business, we have created the venues that represent that brand’s physical locations. Each business is connected with the platform credentials (Google, Facebook etc.) that manage the listings of the brand in question. Every business has their own reporting.


  • Each brand having their own businesses gives clearer visualisation of how many locations are created under each brand and how each brand is performing. 
  • Each business is connected with their own platform credentials, and there’s no risk that some profiles get created under incorrect credentials. Publications can be at scale and automated.
  • Brand information can be managed on the business level (brand name, categories, logos, brand colours.)
  • You have the ability for the brand name (i.e. Localistico) to be set up on the venue level and for that information to be published on the platforms such as Google.
  • You have the ability to name the venues inside Localistico with the internal names (i.e. brand name Madrid, brand name London.)


  • Each business has their own separate reporting, so reporting on an account level must be handled manually.

Option B;


In the second option, we have created a multi-brand business under one Localistico business. We have divided the brands into groups by applying a tag for each brand (think of a tag like a folder). Under each tag, we have created the venues that represent that brand’s physical locations. All platform credentials for all the brands are connected within the same Localistico business, which will require manual actions when creating new profiles for new physical locations. 


  • You have the ability to pull data and reports for all your brands together.


  • It’s not possible to manage the brand’s business settings on the venue level (logo, brand name, categories.)
  • Venues need to be named in Localistico as they will appear on the platforms, not with their internal names. 
  • Having all platform credentials under the same business requires manual actions when creating new profiles for new physical locations. A risk of creating profiles under incorrect credentials also exists.

In most cases, we would not recommend option B as an account structure in Localistico. Our Customer Success team is here to help you define the best way of structuring your account, and this will form part of the discussion in your first onboarding call.