How to validate an address?

This article explains what is a validated address and how to validate businesses' address details.

To provide customers with the best possible experience, Localistico may request address validation when there's a discrepancy between the provided address and its corresponding coordinates. Until confirmation, your location might not be published on all platforms.

Why Validation Matters:

Accurate address and coordinate information is crucial for optimal search results and customer experience. Incorrect details can negatively impact the visibility on Google and other platforms.

Venues lacking any validated address will appear when filtering venues with warnings under data quality:

If the venue warning indicates that there is a difference between the given address and coordinates, it means that the address needs to be validated:

Please note that warnings might also concern other location details besides the address. Please have a look at this article to learn more about warnings.

How to see if my address needs to be validated?

Addresses needing validation have a light orange background.

How to validate the address?

  1. Click on Fix address
  2. Select the best option from the list:

  1. My address details are ok. Please fix the marked position:
    1. This option allows editing the coordinates. 
  2. My coordinates are ok. Please fix the address:
    1. This option allows editing the address. 
  3. My address details and coordinates are ok. Please, validate it:
    1. This option validates the address and Localistico will publish it on the platforms. Please note that if the address is still incorrect, platforms may reject it or suspend the profile.
  4. None are okay. Please add a new address and coordinates:
    1. This allows you to edit the address and coordinates. 

Once the address is validated, it’s displayed with a green background:

To ensure accuracy, if you edit your address and Localistico detects a difference between the new address and its coordinates, Localistico may request a new confirmation. Until the new address is validated, Localistico continues sending the previously validated version to platforms.

What happens if the business has an integration with Localistico?

Businesses using Localistico with an integrated internal database should ensure any changes made in Localistico are reflected in their main database. This two-way flow ensures consistency and accuracy across platforms.

If a business sends via integration an address that differs from the validated address, Localistico will display the address that the customer is sending and the previously validated address that gets published on Google and other platforms:

Until the new address is either adjusted or validated, Localistico continues publishing the validated address.