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Changes to the Localistico navigation menu

We have reorganised our navigation menu to improve the user experience. In this article we explain what can be found under each tab.

We have reorganised our navigation menu to create a more user-friendly experience. Don't worry, no functionality has disappeared! These changes are designed to make your life easier. In this article we explain what can be found under each tab.


Under the Locations tab you may find a list of your physical locations and edit the information that will be sent to the platforms. 


Profiles section has moved under the Presence tab. From this tab you can review and filter the profiles that represent your physical locations. 

Previously, profiles were found under the locations tab.


Under this tab you may find all the tools to manage your online reputation. From Reputation tab you may reply to the reviews, answer to the Google questions and Facebook Private Messages (premium feature). 

Previously these features were found under the Interactions tab.


Under analytics tab, you may find everything you need to analyse your online actions. From here you may access to Metrics and Reports: 

Previously, metrics were found under Interactions tab and Report had its own tab.


Under the promotions tab, you can find all the tools to boost your online visibility. Create paid Google Ads campaigns or create and schedule posts on Google and Facebook from here. These are all premium features.

Previously, Ads and Posts were found under campaigns tab.

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Edit User

Click on your user initials, and you will be able to edit your user, change your password and logout. 

Settings, Dashboard and other businesses

By clicking on your business logo, you may access to settings tab, dashboard (premium feature) and other businesses you might manage.