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Why my location doesn't show up on Instagram?

Explanation on how to create a location -tag on Instagram.

When you search for a location on Instagram to tag on your post, you are actually searching for a location-tag. These geo-tags are not the same thing as a business profile and because of this, cannot be created from Localistico. 

Having a business profile on Facebook doesn't either mean that your business will appear on Instagram as geo-tags needs to be created previously by Facebook users. If your business doesn't appear on Instagram when tagging a publication or Instagram Story, please follow the next steps:

1. Open your Facebook Wall with your Facebook app and click on What's on your mind?

2. Click on Check in -button:

3. Search for your business and click on add as a new place:

4. Add rest of the information required and click on add:

5. Finish creating the location tag by posting: