Review and link pending profiles

How to link unlinked profiles and why it is important?

After uploading the venues, Localistico discovers the profiles created on the platforms and links most of them to the corresponding locations. However, as many profiles don't include enough information or the data doesn't match completely with the venue data in Localistico, Localistico doesn't know to which venue the profile should be linked and the linking of the rest of the pending profiles has to be done manually.

If there are any pending profiles, a blue bar appears and indicates the number of pending profiles to review and link to the venues. Click on the review button to get started!

You can also go straight to the Profiles tab and filter unlinked profiles. In order to link and review the profiles, click on the pinpoint with a plus mark: 

Zoom out until you see a Localistico pinpoint. If the venue matches to a profile, click on Link:

If the profile doesn't belong to your business, you can just ignore it by clicking on the pinpoint that is crossed over. 

Confirm that you want to ignore the profile. 

After linking the profiles, remember to publish so that the profiles will get updated with the correct information. 

Why linking pending profiles is important? 

Linking profiles is essential, as Localistico publish the data only to the linked profiles. Also, unlinked profiles cannot be flagged as duplicated. If a venue is missing a profile from one of the platforms, Localistico creates a new one. If linking profiles in not done, Localistico might create duplicated profiles. 

Why it's recommendable to review pending profiles periodically? 

Platforms have a habit of creating profiles based on user searches. However, these profiles don't usually include correct information, and they are completely uncontrolled. Customers can leave reviews, but nobody can reply to them, which damages the business' reputation. They are also difficult to discover without a tool like Localistico and mark as duplicate. This is an ongoing process until platforms change their algorithms and stop creating profiles based on the searches.