What are the categories and how to add them?

Categories define what your business is about and help the users to find you.

Categories are important to define your business appropriately for customers and to improve your local SEO.

We recommend you to add the one that defines your business, as the first category. Then you can also add the alternatives categories for each platform. You can be as specific as you want, as adding multiple categories usually increases your exposure to searches. However, please remember that Facebook allows adding only three categories and the maximum in Google are 9 categories. This video shows how you can add categories on a business level for all your venues or on a venue level for one specific venue:

Localistico settings - Localistico

Remember that some categories may not be available across platforms. Also, similar categories may not be called the same on each platform. When you start typing a category, Localistico shows you the closest matches in each platform, so you can click and select them.


As a shortcut, remember that categories can be applied at the business level in your Business Settings. This way you don't have to apply them manually to every venue.


Please note that categories applied on the venue level will overwrite the categories set on the business level.