Does Localistico extract reviews from profiles that are not owned by me?

Not any more, since April 2020 we have stopped extracting reviews from profiles that are not claimed with the added credentials due to Google limitations.

From April 2020 we only get reviews from your claimed profiles since Google limits extracting reviews from profiles that don’t belong to you. 

We kept the reviews from unclaimed profiles before April 2020 for your convenience, but we encourage you to remove them to have more accurate reports in the future. 

To remove the reviews from the profiles that don't belong to your business, please contact to adding the subject “Remove reviews for non-owned profiles” 


Q: Why does my business have profiles that I don’t own? 

A: Localistico discovers all profiles related to your locations, even if those that are not owned by you. This way you can take control over those profiles and mark them as duplicate or try to claim them when the platform allows it. 

We will continue discovering those profiles for you. However, we are not extracting reviews from the unclaimed profiles any more. You can always claim those profiles so that they are under your credentials. In Localistico you can do that by clicking on the claim button:

If the profile is claimed by someone else, please follow these steps. You can recognise the profile claimed by someone else from the yellow badge:

Q: How will my reports be affected by removing those reviews?

A: Only your reports before April 2020 will be affected, their number of reviews or averages may change depending on how many unclaimed profiles your business has. We encourage our users to remove them to have more accurate reports.