Automatic review templates based on keywords

How to create a review reply that gets automatically sent to a customer review when it includes some keywords?

Replying to reviews is quick and simple with Localistico. Reviews are extracted from the platforms and can be answered from our tool by clicking on the arrow icon next to the review.

Replying to the reviews can also be automized by setting up auto reply templates to reply even faster to your clients. If you activate the automatic response function for a template, Localistico will send that template automatically to the new reviews that are extracted from the platforms. If you are not yet familiar with automating the review replies, please have a look at this article

How to set up a review template to reply to reviews that include certain keywords?

1. Go to advanced settings and create a highlighted keyword group:

2. Include all the keywords in the list comma separated and save when the list is ready:

3. Set up a review reply template and automate it. Select first the list of the keywords the review must include and then the list of the keywords that the review should not include to be responded with the template. It is enough that the review includes one word from the group to be responded or skipped automatically by the template. 

The review template will be sent to all new reviews that include any of the keywords. Please note that automated reply templates is a premium feature and might not be included in your current subscription. If you are interested in the feature, please request a demo from your Customer Success Manager. 

The negative keywords will be implemented soon so that you can exclude some reviews and make the templates even smarter.