Claiming your profiles - why is it a good idea?

Claiming profiles on all available platforms gives you control over your online presence.

Profiles are an online representation of each of your physical locations. They provide your customers with information about the location, opening hours, and available products/services. By claiming profiles, you are taking control of your company's online information. Claiming the profiles allows you to update the information (such as the address and phone number) and prevents incorrect data from being circulated. By claiming profiles, you will also be able to manage reviews and have access to valuable analytics. 

How do I know if my profile is claimed?

Each profile that appears under your Presence tab will have an associated badge icon. The icon indicates whether a profile is unclaimed, requested, claimed by another user, or owned by you.

Grey Badge: The profile is unclaimed. Nobody is managing this profile.

Yellow Badge: The profile is claimed by someone else or at least, you don't have the credentials added in Localistico. 

Light Yellow Badge: You have requested the claiming for this profile.

Blue Badge: The profile is yours and the credentials are added in Localistico.

You can easily filter to see which profiles are claimed by someone or not claimed:

and which profiles are under your credentials or are missing them:

Check the rest of our help articles for more details on how to make sure your profiles are claimed on each platform.

How can I claim profiles?

You must first have an account created on each platform in order to claim profiles. Please refer to the following articles for help claiming profiles on each platform.

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