Metrics - how to filter metrics and obtain reports?

How to filter the data I need from Metrics Tab, turn it into report and take the action?

Metrics can be found under Analytics tab in Localistico. On this page you can see, for example, how many views your location has received or how many times someone requested the directions to your business.

Metrics are currently available for your Google, Facebook, Apple, Instagram and Store Pages profiles. Select one of the platforms, or all of them, to see the relevant metrics and adjust the period to fit your needs. Please note that some metrics are available only for one of the platforms. This information is indicated under the data.

How to filter metrics?

Localistico offers several filters so that you can obtain the information you need:

  1. Filter just metrics from the platform you want to see, or select all platforms.
  2. Metrics can be filtered by a period of time as well. Use one of the fixed periods or apply a custom period. Please note that you can also compare two different periods to see how your metrics have improved.
  3. You can filter by venue and see the customer actions related to a specific venue.
  4. If you have added tags to categorize and group your venues, you can filter metrics based on these tags. You can find out more information about adding tags here.

How to see trends? 

Users can view the metrics trends by clicking on the trends button and later select up to 8 metrics. This selection won't affect the dashboard configuration and will not be saved. The URL of the trends dashboard is a saved view and can be shared with other team members. 


How can I see metrics per venue?

In order to see the metrics per venue, click on View as list or See these metrics per venue.

The metrics per each venue are available on a separate tab. Click on view as Dashboard if you want to go back to the overview of the metrics.

Please note that Google metrics will be fully available within every last 7 days. For example, as of 23 May, you should have metrics until 17th of May.

How can I turn the metrics into a report?

Let's have a look at one example, our company would like to see how it's Spanish units have improved their metrics in 2019 compared with 2018. (It's always recommended comparing two similar periods to obtain correct data. If you compared Q1 2020 with Q2 2020 you may notice some changes that are related with the season, not with the actual improvements on the data and your marketing efforts.)

In order to obtain this data, we should:

1. filter the venues that have been assigned with the tag "Spain". If you don't know how to assign tags for the venue, please have a look at this article

2. select if you would like to obtain data only from Google or all platforms

3. and select the periods you would like to compare and click on apply:

Localistico calculates the percentage increase of your locations' views, searches, engagement and actions. The total figures are also displayed next to the percentages. By clicking on each box, you may see a graphics which show the evolution of the growth and helps you to detect some peaks in the data and see when the metrics started to improve.

Based on these peaks and turn points, it is easy to see which actions worked and which did not and make more data driven decisions.

The metrics can be exported into Excel or CSV by clicking on the orange button with the arrow in the upper right corner. In the exporter, all metrics will be exported without taking into account any customisations. The same logic applies to data feeds as well.