What are the Localistico Data Feeds?

Data Feeds allows easy and quick access to your location and customer data from other databases and platforms.

What is Data Feeds?

Data Feeds allows easy and quick access to your location and customer data from other databases and platforms.

Let's picture the following scenario: you are using Localistico to manage your store locator and customer interactions like reviews and metrics. However, you need this information to appear in other internal systems so that the rest of your internal teams can access this data as well. 

You could export all the information from the Localistico app and import it into the other platforms manually however, this would be time-consuming especially as it would need to be done on a daily basis. With Data Feeds you can, in an automated way, connect the selected data you want, with your other internal systems. For example, you might want to automatically export all your location data from Localistico to Salesforce, or export all of your customer reviews to Google Data studio so you can create some customized reports.  

With Data Feeds, we provide you with secure data endpoints (URLs) to get all your location and customer action data from one link.

How to use it?

Once you have Data Feeds activated, you will see it listed in Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page. You can copy the URL in the format you prefer and add it to the other platforms where you want to import the Localistico data. 

Please note that this is a premium feature and might not be included in your subscription. Contact to support@localistico.com to activate this feature.