How to add photos in Localistico?

This article explains how to upload photos to your venues manually.

You can add a business logo on the venue or business level. Rest of the pictures has to be uploaded on the venue level. 
You can add the logo on business level here:
You can add the logo and all the other photos on the venue level here: 

Photos can be uploaded by clicking on the camera icon. Click on the upload more photos in order to add the photos that don't have a specific role (logo, cover, exterior, interior.)

At the moment, it is possible to upload one interior, exterior, cover and menu photo. The rest of the images must be uploaded to other photos. You can add as many other photos as you want to. 

Please note the following things:

  • Logo can be uploaded on the business and venue level
  • Menu photo is allowed only for the restoration businesses 
  • Deleting a photo from Localistico doesn't delete it from the platform. This has to be done manually on the platforms. Old cover images etc will be assigned as other pictures when replaced with the new ones.

Photo size requirements are as follows:

  • Size: 250×250 - 5000×5000 pix
  • Weight: 10 KB - 5 MB
  • Ratio of the cover picture: 16:9

If you want to upload photos in bulk for several venues, please refer to this article. Currently, our support team can assist you to upload photos in bulk for your venues if you have to upload multiple photos in various venues. Please refer to this article for more information on preparing photos for bulk import, including the name and size requirements.