How to add Google credentials?

Step by step introductions on connecting with Google.

Before adding the Google credentials, make sure that your location are under a verified location group. 

This article explains how to create a location group in Google My Business.

This article explains how to verify the location group. 

You are welcome to have multiple groups for your locations. Just remember to connect all of them with Localistico.

Once you have your locations grouped, go to Localistico Settings and Platforms and select Google:

Click on add credential or share link to add credential if the person adding the credential doesn't have a user to add the credentials in Localistico. See more about sharing a credential here.

Click on Connect with Google.

Log into Google account that manages the Google My Business profiles:

Select the account that has "location_group" in the brackets from the drop-down list and save. Please be sure not to select your "personal" account.