How to connect Google Ads account with Localistico?

Introductions on adding Google Ads credentials in Localistico.

Google Ads is a platform that focuses on online advertising. Companies bid to display brief advertisements to gain more audience, clicks or sell more. Ads may be displayed in different search engines such as Google Search, on websites, mobile apps and videos. Please have a look at this article to know more about Google Ads. 

Setting up Google Ads Campaigns is now possible from Localistico, please contact to activate this feature in your account. Please note that this functionality is probably not included in your subscription plan. 

Before starting, make sure to have a Google Ads account created

After this, you may add the Google Ads credentials in Localistico. First navigate on your settings tab, open advanced settings and click on add Google Ads account:

Then add the Google Ads account id, select the Google My Business location group and add one email address that manages that location group on Google My Business and click on add:

Make sure that the locations that you would like to add in the campaign are inside the Google My Business account.

Once you have done this, you are ready to create ads from Localistico! Have a look at this article to know how!