How to create a user with access to only limited venues?

How to limit the access of the user to only specific venues?

If the user has access only to one venue or a set of the venues, you can assign the venues to the user by selecting them in the venues-section under the user settings. You can do this when creating a new user as explained in this article, or later by first searching for the correct user and opening the user settings by clicking the user:

Then select the business whose venue accesses you would like to modify:

Select the venues from the drop-down list or by searching with the venue ID, name or the address one by one or select a group of venues by selecting a venue tag:

If a user has access to venues with tags, the access changes depending on how the venue tags are assigned for the locations on Localistico. If the tag gets added to one venue, the user will have access to that venue and if the tag gets removed from that venue, the user will lose the access. Read more about venue tags here

Please remember that if the user has access to all the venues of a business, this field can be left empty. You don't need to add all the venues one by one here.