How to edit and delete Google review replies?

Google allows its users to edit the reviews after the owner has replied. This may lead to mismatching reviews and replies. This article explains how to edit or delete a Google review reply.

Google allows its users to edit the reviews after the business owner has replied to them. This may lead to the situation where the owner reply is not matching to the review and cause confusion for potential customers checking the reviews before visiting the business. 

To allow business to fix their responses, we have implemented two options to manage your review replies:

1. You may edit the review reply by clicking on the pen icon:

2. You may remove the reply by clicking on the bin icon and let the team handling the review replies to respond again later: 

Please note that this feature is only supported by Google. Editing and removing review replies is not supported, for example, by Facebook. 

To be able to edit and delete the review replies, the user needs to have a permission Manage reviews. If the user is managing the reviews for multiple businesses from Dashboard, select the permission Manage multibusiness reviews as well. See this article if you don't know yet how to manage roles and permissions for the users.