How to organize my reviews by using tags?

Divide your reviews into different groups by adding tags.

Have you ever got a review and thought that you need to send it to a different department as a feedback? However, you wouldn't do this every time you receive a single review that is related with marketing campaigns or stores' opening hours. By classifying the reviews with tags you may later export the list of the reviews and send them to the correct departments depending on the tags. 

You may tag your reviews by clicking on the hashtag icon:

Select one of the previously created tags or create a new one and click on save:

The selected tags appear under the client review:

As all the pages, also reviews can be exported from Localistico. Export the reviews from here to be able to filter all the reviews with tag "good_service" and forward them to your area manager for example:

Tags are located in the last column of the Excel sheet:

Now you may just filter the reviews that include the hashtag "good_service" and send them to the correct person. 

Now it is possible to categorize reviews automatically based on the keywords. See this article to know how it is done! Please note that this is a premium feature and may not be included in your current subscription.