How to flag the duplicated profiles?

How to select the favourite profile and flag the others as duplicated on the platforms?

When you have more than one profile on the same platform for a specific location, you can select one favourite profile by clicking on the heart icon next to the profile. This is the profile you want to keep. Other profiles should be flagged as duplicates by clicking on the flag icon so that Localistico can to try to merge them into the favourite one.

The idea of flagging as duplicated is that the platforms tend to move reviews and ratings to the favourite profile when the duplicates are merged into the favourite profile. 

Flagging the duplicates is an important process because it removes all extra profiles and the users can only find one profile on each platform with optimised data. You would like to get rid of the duplicated profiles as they normally include incorrect or incomplete data which leads to confusions and unsatisfied users.

How do you know which profile should be selected as a favourite? If possible, always select as your favourite the one that you have claimed previously. You recognise this profile from green claimed-label.Localistico_profiles_-_LocalisticoIn case you have several claimed profiles, select the one with the highest number of reviews and the most accurate information. The percentage next to the profile indicates the information accuracy.Localistico_profiles_-_Localistico-1If you do not have any claimed profile, select the one with the most reviews and check our help articles on how to claim profiles:

After making changes on favourites or marking duplicates, remember to please click the button 'Publish Venue'. We will edit the favourite profile on each platform, and we will try to automatically merge the profiles that are flagged as duplicates into the favourite one.