How to optimize my photos?

What photos should I upload? Have a look at our tips!

  • Use as a logo or main photo, the logo of your business:  the logo helps in identifying your business. 
  • Upload an exterior picture for each of your locations: this helps the clients to recognize your local business.
  • Upload an interior photo: Customers always like to see how is the place inside and outside. Imagine that you run a restaurant, many clients search for a certain atmosphere. 
  • Pay attention to our recommendations of dimensions to upload photos with quality. Google displays quality photos more likely than blurry images.  
  • Avoid using excessive filters in your photos. The photo should present your location as it is.
  • Avoid uploading photos that are blurry, pixelated or that do not show a good image of your business. Google penalizes images with poor quality. 
  • Add other pictures of your staff, food etc. Your customers want to know more about your business! Upload new photos every 6 months.
  • In case you are a restaurant, upload the menu whenever you can: This functionality is already supported by many platforms like Facebook or Google. Many customers like to be able to consult the menu before going. Please note that this is available only to restaurants. 
  • Photo size requirements are as follows: 
    • Size: 250×250 - 5000×5000 pix
    • Weight: 10 KB - 5 MB
    • Ratio of the cover picture: 16:9
  • Photo format should be JPG or PNG. Please note that multiframe photos are not accepted by Google.

Please refer to this article for more information on how to upload individual photos in Localistico and this article to know how to prepare photos for bulk import, including the name and size requirements.