How to reply to the reviews from Localistico?

Reply to reviews coming from multiple platforms from one single place!

Replying to reviews is quick and simple with Localistico. Reviews are extracted from the platforms and can be answered from our tool by clicking on the arrow icon next to the review. 

Reviews can be filtered by different criteria to find the reviews that need to be responded first. See this article to know how to filter reviews. 

    Why it is important to answer reviews?

    Replying to the reviews is critical for effective reputation management and essential factor of local SEO. Make it a habit to respond to all reviews, good and bad, and include local keywords to improve your local search ranking.

    Tools to reply reviews faster

    To save time, we recommend setting up reply templates in Localistico. You can access this feature by navigating to your settings > advanced settings tab.

    Here, you will be able to create reply templates and leverage "placeholders". The placeholder functionality ensures each reply is relevant and customized by automatically pulling in the correct information for the selected criteria.

    Once the reply template has been set up, it can be edited or duplicated by clicking on the options button on the right:

    Set automatic responses to your reviews 

    Localistico allows you to set auto reply templates to reply even faster to your clients. If you activate the automatic response function for a template, Localistico will send that template automatically to the new reviews that are extracted from the platforms. Remember to set the following attributes to define when the response should be sent:

    1. Sentiment: indicate if the reply is meant for a positive review so that it doesn't get sent to a negative review. We recommend having several reply templates for each sentiment to sound more human. If you have created multiple auto reply templates with the same sentiment, Localistico rotates them so that the same template doesn't get sent out for every new review. You may either use the sentiments (good, neutral or negative) or change to rating (1-5) to be more specific with your responses. If the templates are set to read rating and not sentiment, the template will only be used to reply to the reviews that come from the platforms that supports ratings, such as Google.

    2. Venues: select the venues that should receive the template or should be excluded when sending the automatic reply template. You may select them one by one or by using venues tags.

    3. Country: indicate the country of the location where the reviews come from. This allows you to set the review templates in the local language of the country and respond in Portuguese for the reviews coming from Portugal and in English for the reviews coming from England. 

    4. Content: indicate if you would like to send the review reply to the reviews that include text, photos, both or just the rating. 

    5. Keywords:  create a list of keywords that a review must include so that the review gets responded with the template. You may also set some negative keywords to stop the review getting responded with the template. See this article for more information regarding keyword groups.

    In order to activate the automatic reply feature, please contact to Please note that automatic reply might not be included in your subscription plan.

    How to filter review reply templates?

    Review reply templates can be filtered by different criteria, such as by content (whether the template is configured as an automatic reply or not), by mood, rating, name of the template, venue, tags, keyword groups or country.

    Can I delete reviews?

    Currently, it is not possible to delete reviews from any platform. Instead, you have to report the review in the platform. Please see the following help articles for more information. Remember, only report the review if it is breaking the platform policies or doesn't belong to your location. Platforms don't remove negative reviews since they represent customers' personal experience.

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