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Can I modify the profiles' data after publishing?

Yes, you can modify the venue information in Localistico and publish again on the platforms.

You can edit and publish your information at any time (and as often as needed) from Localistico, and this will always override the existing data. You can make edits to a single location and publish it individually, or you can make edits in bulk and publish in bulk. 

To modify data for a single venue, simply edit the location data and then click the orange publication button on that page. This will only publish changes for this location.

To make edits in bulk, you can:

1. export the venue data into Excel 

2. make the necessary modification to the exported file

3. reimport the data back to Localistico

or you may use our bulk editor

After modifying the data in Localistico, remember to publish all your location by clicking on the orange publication button: