How to optimize my business settings?

In this article we have collected some tips for you to optimize your business.

We recommend completing Business data at the beginning. This way you make sure to have the best experience of using Localistico. 

Business info

  • Business name is how your business is called in Localistico. It is only for the internal purposes and it won't appear to your clients. Some businesses have several Localistico businesses to divide their locations by countries or brands, for example. 
  • Brand name is how your locations will appear for your clients if the setting is activated. Google advices to have a same name for all your locations. If you wish to follow this guideline, you can activate the brand name here:

    You can activate publishing the brand name only on some platforms if it suits better to your strategy:
    Please note that this setting will override the names that you have set on the venue level. 
  • Use your business logo as the main image for your business. This helps your clients to recognize your business. Logo can be applied at the business level in Settings or at venue level by editing settings of each venue.

  • Select the correct categories: 
    • Add the one that defines your business as the first category. Some platforms apply more relevance to this first one, so the order matters!
    • Remember to add also alternatives categories for each platform. Categories can be applied at the business level in Settings or at venue level by editing settings of each venue. The venue level categories override the business level categories. 
    • Even if they sound redundant (eg: "Vegan Restaurant" and "Restaurant" or "Café" and "Coffee shop") it will generally help your relevancy to have categories explicitly published. Some platforms allow 3 or more categories so feel free to choose the ones that you think suit you better, whether generic or specific.

    You can recognise the categories that are set on business level from the little orange icon:

Activate the Google extended attributes to provide more specific information about your business. You can for example specify which payment methods are available or if your location has a wheelchair access. The Google primary category defines which attributes are available for your business. 

You can set the Google attributes under the categories-section on business or venue level. The venue level Google attributes will override the business level attributes. Have a look at the related article for further information about the Google attributes. 

Activate notifications: 

Activating your notifications on the settings tab will send you periodic emails, to keep you informed of the changes and reviews in your profiles. In order to activate the notifications, click on your logo on the upper right corner, select "settings" and then "notifications".


Without credentials, Localistico may not be able to publish your changes. Add the credentials in the Platforms tab within Settings tab by clicking on Add credential. Please have a look at the related articles for more specific instructions. In order to activate Bing, please contact to 

If you don't have an account on some platform yet, please check these articles on how to create the accounts: