What is a Custom Field and how to create one?

Custom fields can be created in Localistico to add any data in Localistico.

Custom fields are fields that can be used to include data that is important to your business in Localistico. Custom fields can be used just to store your data in Localistico, or they can be used to edit the information on your store pages.

You may create a custom field under the Settings>Advanced settings:

Set the name, slug, description and select if the custom field should appear under the venue settings, business info or both:

If you select "show only in business" the custom field will appear under business info -tab. If you select "show only in venues" the custom field will appear under each venue. You may update the custom fields manually by entering each venue, or by downloading the location data from Localistico in Excel or CSV. Localistico will automatically generate a new column in the file for the custom fields. Have a look at this article for further instructions.