What are duplicated profiles and how to deal with them?

Duplicated profiles are profiles that appear twice on the same platform and share the same or almost same information.

A duplicated profile is a profile that shares the same or almost the same information as some other profile that already exists on the platform. Platforms normally don’t allow to be used in this way and unpublish the profiles from the platform users. For example, let's say that your business already has a profile on Google with the following details:

Name: Localistico

Address: Calle de Campomanes, 6, 28013 Madrid

If we tried to create a second profile with the same name and almost the same address and/or the coordinates, Google most likely would mark the profile as "duplicate" and the profile would not appear for other Google users.

As having two profiles for the same physical location is against most platforms' policies, this profile would be a real duplicate and should be managed accordingly. Some businesses sometimes open new profiles on Google on the same address when the store manager changes. This is unfortunately not allowed by Google's best practices and doesn't help the businesses to get better visibility on the platform. 

If Google has already marked your profile as duplicate, you may just remove it from your Google My Business account:

If the profile is still published on Google, you may ask Google to merge the duplicate with the official profile. You may contact to Google's support team from here

However, sometimes businesses with multiple locations near each other may get marked as duplicates by Google incorrectly. In this case, you may report the incorrect duplicates to Google via this link and ask Google's support team unmerge the profiles.