What is accounts portal?

Accounts is a portal where Account Admin can manage users accesses and roles.

From Localistico Accounts Portal, the Account Admin can manage the users' accesses to the businesses and venues that have been previously created in Localistico. Please note that Accounts Portal is not used to create new venues or change their data. This is still managed from Localistico app. Ir you are an Account Admin, you can log in to Accounts Portal with your Localistico credentials from here:

On the Businesses tab, you will see all the businesses that are created under your account. From the arrow on the right corner, you may easily access to the business on Localistico application:

On the users tab, you may create new users, remove them, assign businesses to them and manage their roles and permissions. On the left side, you can see how many users you can still create to manage your businesses. Have a look at this article to know more about creating users in Accounts Portal. 

Only account admin can access to Accounts Portal. Currently, it is not possible to create Accounts Admins from Accounts Portal. If you need to create a new user with access to Accounts portal, please contact support@localistico.com.

On the Roles tab, you may create roles with different permissions for the users managing your businesses. This defines what each of the users can view and do in Localistico. Read more about creating roles from here

By clicking on the Profile button, you may modify the language of your user, set your whole name, reset the password and add your phone number.