Why is my profile not appearing in Google?

There are several reasons why your business is not showing up in the Google Search or Maps results. In this article we have summarised the most common reasons for you!

Your venue has a data quality warning 

If Localistico detects that any mandatory information is missing from the venue details, we are not able to publish and create the profile on Google due to Google policies. Check that the venue doesn't have any yellow warnings and if it does, please review the below articles which will help you to resolve any issues:

How to review venue warnings?

Onboarding video about warnings

The Publication has failed 

Review if the profile publication has failed from Localistico. Normally a publication fails when the venue includes some incorrect data according to Google. See this article to find out how to recognise and fix a failed publication. 

Your profile has been marked as duplicate to another profile

If your profile has been marked as duplicate to another profile, it is possible that the profile is not appearing when searching on Google. Please check this article to find out how to detect when the profile has been marked as duplicate and report it to Google. 

Your profile is unverified

If your Google My Business account is not bulk verified, all new profiles that are created under it, have to be verified manually. Until the profile appears verified in Google My Business, it won't show up in your search results in Google Maps or Search. If you are interested in verifying your Google My Business account, please contact support@localistico.com for more information or have a look at this article

Your profile is suspended or disabled

Sometimes, Google might suspend or disable a profile if they detect that the profile includes incorrect data or does not meet Google's data requirements. If a Google profile is either suspended or disabled, it won't show up in the search results. Request the reinstatement of the profile via this link to solve the issue.  

Google Search & Maps ranking 

It is also possible that the Google profile is not just appearing in your search results. Google search results are a combination of several factors, and they are normally different for each person making a local search request.

One of the factors is the search terms that have been used to look for a profile. Are they matching with the data in the Google profile or are internal terms used to search the profile? 

Another factor is your proximity to the profile you are searching on Google. Google's mission is to show you the best local results available that match with your search. If the profile you are searching for is on the other side of the country, it is more likely that Google will display profiles that are located closer to you. 

Also, the previous searches influence in the search results Google gives you. Google learns from each search you make and tries to provide you results that match with your previous searches. 

Lastly, the profile's own SEO also determines how well the profile performs in the local ranking. Profiles with a strong SEO are more likely to be shown as search results, even though the profile you are looking for would match better with the keywords used when making the search. Have a look at this article to know more about the local ranking and how to improve your SEO.