How to review business warnings?

To maintain high data quality, Localistico generates warnings when low data quality is detected.

Localistico generates a warning when it detects incomplete or incorrect information in the venues. Most of the warnings are triggered because Google doesn't recognize the provided address, it's incomplete (the postal code is missing) or the coordinates or the service area don't match with the address.

It's important to review these warnings as they are blocking the publication and updating the information on the platforms. You can detect the venues which require attention from the yellow warning sign:

The publication status -filter allows you to find easily all the venues with warnings:

You can export the Excel of the venues with warnings if you, for example, need to pass it to some other department in your company:

The reason of the warning is specified in the column warnings:

In order to help you to fix the warnings, we have listed the most common errors below:

The address and the coordinates don't match

Sometimes you might come across a yellow warning that says "the address details seem to be far away from the given coordinates." This means that the address and the coordinates that you have provided don't point the same spot. 

To fix these warnings follow the given steps:

If you are sure that your coordinates are correct, please click on suggest address. This will generate the address suggestions based on the coordinates. Please click on each suggestion that you would like to use in your address:

By clicking on "suggest coordinates" in Localistico,  you can see the coordinates that have been added manually for the venue in Localistico and the ones that are based on the address or the profiles. These figures should be almost the same.  As you can see in the screenshot below, the coordinates and the address point clearly different spots. In this example seems like the manually added coordinates are incorrect as also all the profile coordinates point the same spot as the coordinates generated by the  venue address. Click on the coordinates you would like to publish on the platforms. 

Venues located in shopping centres and airports

Venues located in the large areas such as malls are normally facing the problem with the address and the coordinates not matching. Sometimes it helps to add the name of the shopping centre or the airport to the second address line. For example:

Region is incorrect

If selected region is not supported on some platform, Localistico displays a warning that says for example "Bing: The region is invalid".

In order to modify the region, click on the pen-icon next to the warning message and select the correct region from the dropdown list:

If the region is correct, the warning will disappear. 

Main category is required

You must include at least one business category for each active platform. Otherwise, Localistico will display a warning such as "Google: The main category is required."

You can add business categories on a business level under the business settings tab:

Or you can add them for each venue individually on the venue configurations:

Categories added on the venue level will override the business level categories. If you have the same business categories for every venue in Localistico, we recommend applying the categories only on business level.

Postal code is missing or incorrect

Is your postal code correct or missing? In order to figure out the correct postal code, please click on the "suggest address". Please note that sometimes the postal code might be correct but it's not matching with the city or the region. In this case, select the correct city/region. Click on the suggestion provided by Localictico to add it in the address.

Note, a common error is to miss the first zero from the postal code. When you work on your location information with Excel, please pay attention that the first zero doesn't get deleted.  This is typical in countries such as Spain where many postal codes start with a zero. 

Service area is missing or is incorrect

If your business is providing services in the surrounding areas, it's mandatory to define the service area. 

To fix the warning, please type the city or the postal code of the area where you offer your services in the area field: